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Chapter nine.

"You're kidding!" Pippa exclaimed. "She eats...dream sand?"
"If sweets are her dinner then dream sand is her dessert," Jack said as he glanced up to the sky. "Sandy told us, well his particular sand language, about after her little escapee and almost eat the whole cloud."
"Did she really try to eat Sandy?"
"Well..." Jack hesitated as he glanced back at North, "When she was just a toddler she tried a couple of times. Every time she saw him, she reached her arms for him like she wanted to hug him."
"Resulting small bite marks over his cheeks, hands, fingers, looking like a Dalmatian," North laughed embarrassed , "And then there was one time Evy had tried to eat my forefinger, furiously biting it like she expected it to have a candy center. Still got a mark from it."
"Sophie just growned up from it," Jaime said and shrugged his shoulders. "She couldn't leave my Batman doll alone. His head are looking like when your fingers are after a long bath."
"I really hoped these cannibalistic tendencies would be tapered off at some point," North replied back, "especially after the milk teeth came in but-"
"Kids, who are you talking to? Mrs. Bennett suddenly came out from the house, holding a certain, small bunny girl in her arms.
"Bunny, jump jump jump!" Sophie waved cheerily at Bunny who couldn't resist waving her back with a small smile on his face.
"Oh just Jack Frost, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny Mom!" Jaime said and everyone started to giggle as Jaime's mom gave him a slightly confused look.
"Okay? But it's bedtime now," She said and took the bucket of water and started to toss into the fire.
"But mom!"
"It's almost midnight Jaime. Go and brush your teeth and then go to your tents.
"Alright," Jaime sighed.
"You're sure kids you don't want to sleep inside? We got plenty of space in the living for your sleeping bags."
"Mom, we are camping," Jaime moaned, "You're supposed to sleep outside when you camp."
"Alright honey, but I leave the door unlock in case one of you change your mind. Goodnight kids," Jaimes mother said smiling down at them and walk, with Sophie calling "Nigh night Bunny", back into the house.
After she closed the door and shut the light down in the living room, the children and the guardians looked up into the sky. They couldn't see the big golden cloud, but small golden strings were beginning to show up in the sky, travelling down over their head and began heading towards the windows where children who have or are ready go to bed.
"Will he come down and join us?" Pippa wondered.
Jack purses his lips and turned back to Jaime, clasping his shoulder, "He is a very busy man. It's always night somewhere in the world, but when you go to bed he will. "
Monty glanced at his watch, "Maybe we should go to bed? It's pretty late."
Pippa made a small pout. "One more story, okay? And it's Bunny's turn!"
"Oooh no no no, you leave me out of this," Bunny crossed his arms defensibly and turned his back at them. "I want no part of it."
"Oh come on Bunny," Jack laughed and pocked him with his staff on his shoulder. "Considering you were one of her favourite main targets, you should have a good one or dousing to tell, like the day when Evy showed you the latest statistic on the commercials report about our holidays and how she bragged about it."
"Ha, ha, ha Frostbite."
"Please Bunny," Jaime pledged, "Just a short one."
Bunny turned back the children with a huff, "Quit looking at me like that with those puppy eyes. Alright, I'll tell a story then you all be good kids and go to your sleeping bags."
"Tell us about when she painted your ears green and your claws pink," Jack smirked at him.
"Not even in million years," But suddenly, Bunny's eyes lit up. " Actually, I've got the perfect finale." He turned towards Jack with an evil smile. "You remember Evy's little tea party don't you?
Jack's smiling froze and he starred at him horrified. The other guardians and the kids all sat up straighter, looking between Bunny and Jack with highest attention.
"You wouldn't," Jack said nervously.
"Make it a good one, Bunny," Caleb chuckled.
"You bet I do."

In Easter Bunnys Warren.
This was Bunny's favourite time. Sitting by the purple river, surrounded thousands of eggs in need of painting, having cans with all the colours you can think, multiple sizes of brushes so he could use to create the most beautiful, wonderful, sweetest paintings you can think of to put on a egg . Even he could let the flowers and the river take care of the colouring, but there was something calm and meditating in painting eggs. It helped him relax and calm his nerves, which have been pretty nerve cracking during the past six years. But he was so engrossed by what he was doing that he failed to even notice someone was behind him. This someone with  a teasing smile on his lips looked over to see what Bunnys was working on.
"That's nice"
Bunny nearly jumped two meters up, nearly dropping the egg he was painting, luckily Jack caught it before it could break.
"Crikey Frostbite, you almost gave me a heart attack, "Snapped Bunny as he snatched the egg back, "and then what would have happened to Easter? Me stone dead!"
"Bad day at the office?"
"I must finish three million eggs before Easter and I only reached three and a half, Bunny muttered, quickly looking over the egg over for any damage, "And what are you doing here?
"I was in the neighbourhood. Thought I'd drop in and give a message from Evy."
"What trouble is that little nightmare getting into now?"
Ignoring Bunny's grunt of annoyance, Jack threw himself up to one of the Easter stones and knelled to look down at him
"Why do you always see her as a walking time bomb?"
"Because she's an  A+ nightmare material with both a sugar and sand rush the whole time." Bunny said, waving the egg at him.
"She would never eat Sandy or destroy his dreams, " Jack growled, rolling his eyes over Bunnys silly accusations, "climbing up to the cloud was of pure curiosity."
"Yes, and taking his measures to see which part she shall dig in first," Bunny muttered as he started to paint the egg again.
"You're overreacting. She's just a girl with... high spirits."
"She's not normal child Jack."
"Normal is a relative term. End of sentence," Jack said and jumped down. "If you want normal, she is going to have a tea party this evening."
Bunny quirked an eyebrow at him. "A tea party?"
"And you're invited to join us, " Jack smiled and handed him a small card. The handwriting was awful, but Bunny could spell out his, Evys and the word "party"."
"Who is going?"
"Well it is going be just you, me and perhaps Sandy. North and Tooth couldn't because of their deadlines."
"And you think I don't have other things to do? More important things?"
"Oh come on, it's only a tea party. Just give one or two hours of your time to make Evy happy and I assure you will come out from there alive and intact. This is going to be fun, and there are also dress code."
Bunnys ears twitched. "A dress code?"
Jack grins like a shark, and Bunny's frown deepens even more. "Yes, the dress code is that you must dress up as a pirate."
Bunny's ears flicked. "A pirate? Why pirate?" 
"Don't know," Jack shrugged. "Too many of North's great adventures stories. She loves them."
"I'm not going," Bunny suddenly looked so indignant it was actually comical; arms crossed, brows arching and eyes rather wide.
Jack rolled his eyes, "Stupid Kangaroo."
"Don't be ridiculous. You're going. I'm sure you'll look absolutely dashing with black hat, golden earrings in your fluffy ears and a green, stupid parrot on your shoulder."
"In your dreams Frostbite." Bunny glared at him, almost ready to hit his white haired head with the top of his boomerang to remove Jack's grinning look.
"Is that what you're worried about? Looking silly?" Jack teased. "Customs party's are fun and please, give Evy a chance. She really wants you to come and be her friend. Is that too much?"
For a long minute Bunny was silent, walking back and forth over the green grass before he finally spoke. "Alright, alright. Fine."
Jack looked up at him, wide eyed. "Seriously?"
"Just a short visit , take a cookie, sip some tea, talk with her dolls and then leave. Got it?"
"Great! Evy will be thrilled."
"Do I really have to wear one of those..."
"No exception."
Bunny snorts and rolls his eyes. "North is going pay for this. I guess it's the story of the pirate queen and him that turned her head?"
"Guess so, but I think he even told her about his encounter with the mermaids. If you dont have any pirate hat, try and find some fine sea-shells."
Hearing this last meaning, Bunny couldn't help to make a long sigh, "I'm so going to regret this," he said and then he tossed the ruined pink/yellow egg into the purple lake.

North Pole
He was already regretting accepting Evy's (Or rather Jack's) invitation. Walking through the corridor that leaded to Evy`s room, he meet the very spiritual Jack at the entrance.
"Hello Bunny, " Jack greeted him.
"Frost.... What a interesting outfit." He said, giving Jack a look over his costume.
Together with a red bandana, Jack wore a white shirt with long sleeves and a long waistcoat. He still wore his brown pants, but instead walk barefoot Jack had found a pair old brown boots that was almost to big for his feet and for the final touch, a long pirate sword hanging in a belt around his hips.
"It's called a costume. Something I notice that you do not have."
"This is my costume." With a quick moment Bunny placed a eye patch over his right eye, "Any problem?"
"Whatever floats your boat," Jack shrugged. "I thought you would have pick either to be a good, nasty or a drunken pirate, or at least a nice pirate tattoo, but perhaps you already got a couple if you just shave to bring it up. Perhaps we could draw a beard around the mouth."
"If you move a pencil near my fur, I will force you too walk on a plank and drop you down in my river."
"That's the spirit Captain Bunny!" Jack cheered at him, "Keep it going and you will get the prize for best acting."
Throwing the laughing boy a look behind that would literally freeze Hell over, Bunny stalked towards Evy`s door and opened it, and stopped short just inside the nursery and gaped over the sight before him.
Turns out that not only did Evy had sent out a sparkling, bad handwritten invitation, she managed to decorate the whole room that  it looked to be an upper deck of a pirate ship. Over the ceiling a old pirate flag and a large net was hanging over them, a treasure chest placed in a corner of the room. Sand were covering the floor together with shells, gold coins, ocean stars and at the entrance, Bunny had to make a small jump to avoid the worryingly, sharp sword an old skeleton ("Where did he come from", Bunny wondered? " A former party guest?") who held tightly in his bony fingers.
Sipping tea from a chipped teacup and eating biscuits, chatting to a doll, sat Evy dressed up a some kind of a pirate-queen. Together with a red/black stripped dress with white undergarments, Evy wore a large, golden belt around her tiny waist and a pearl necklace around her neck. To complete the outfit, she also placed a large, black pirate hat with a peacock feather on it over her head.
The table was round and there was a chair for the hostess and four other small chairs for her guests. Two of the chairs were already taken by Mr. Blue and a doll in a pink, but damaged dress.
"Arrrrgh Bunny!" Evy greeted him.
"Arrgh to you," Bunny said hesitantly as Jack put his hands behind Bunny`s back and pushed him forward before he could change his mind.
"I would like you to meet Miss Anastasia," Evy said indicating a the doll. "She is a pirate princess who are just pacing by with her ship and I invited her for a cup a tea. Hope you don't mind."
Bunny looked at the doll Evy was presenting. She appeared made of soft, fluffy cloth and had shiny green buttons for eyes and red lips on under her black button nose, but the dolls skirt was ripped in small shreds and a black shawl was wrapped around the dolls head, together with a pirate hat and an eye patch.
"Nice to meet you," he said before taking the empty seat between the dolls and Jack took a seat beside Evy.
"Where is Sandy?" Bunny wondered and looked around.
Evy pouted a little, "Sandy has more important things to do so he couldn't come."
"How unfortunate," Bunny said as he eyed the table. Except for tablecloth, once a real pirate flag, all black and a skull in the middle, everything looked relatively normal. Five pink cups was placed on the table together with a matched tea-pot. There was a brown rum-bottle next to it, a plate with small brown cookies and an orange looking cake. Looking completely innocent and a large bowl in the middle that was covered and smelled delicious.
"I made it all by myself," Evy said proudly and waved her hand over her creations.
"We are teaching Evy how to cook. " Jack said to Bunny as they sat down one the small chairs. "If she get to watch and learn how the meals are made and let her decide the ingredients', maybe she will not be so picky to eat it."
"I am not picky. I just don't like the green things." Evy snorted.
"Worth a try," Bunny said and then mumbled lowly to Jack. "But I`m afraid she will only learn how to cook the sweet stuff, and perhaps to find a proper receipt for "Sandy-cake" or "Soufflé-Sandy".
"No grumpy faces tonight, Bunny," Evy said as she started serving her guests, including her dolls.
"Do you want a cake Mr. Aster?" Evy smiled at him as she gave him a plate. "It is Carrot cake and I made it myself."
Bunny eyed it suspiciously. "Carrot cake? Probably a lot of sugar, but oh well.  She deserves is a second chance."
The last sign that set the alarm bells off in Bunny's head was catching a glimpse of stifling giggles behind Jack's hands before he shove a bite of the cake into his mouth. Moments later his face scrunched up and he swallowed it with great difficulty.
"Evy?" Bunny asked, making a face. "What's wrong with this?"
"What you talking about?" Evy said, her eyes narrowing. "It is Carrot cake."
"It doesn't taste like it," Bunny grimaced as he placed the cake down. "What did you add beside carrots and who helped you with the cooking?"
"The elf's of course."
"Just as I thought, and the ingredients?"
"WORMS?" he shouted in an exasperated tone, sending little bits of cake flying from his mouth onto the table.
"Watch your manners! This is a tea party," Then she popped the whole cake into her mouth and down it with a gulp of tea. Then she grinned at Bunny, together with little pieces of cake between her teeth. "See, you eat it like this."
Bunny stared at it for a few moments before he spat out the rest of the cake and looked at Jack, horrified. "Just what exactly have you been teaching her?" He coughed.
"A few tips how to eat proper and try to experiment with it."
Again, Bunny looked to Jack for guidance and seeing any sight of madness. "With worms?"
"Hell no! Roots, Apples and berries when we are out. That sort of things!"
"The apple you gave me had a worm in it, it tasted much better than the Apple," Evy said and took another large piece of "Carrot cake" and then placed one on Jacks plate.
Jack made a grimace. "Yuck, yuck and yuck!"
"You should have told me earlier about this. Aren't earthworms an excellent place to pick up some nasty parasites?" Bunny said and tried to use the table cloth to wipe away the taste of worms from his tongue.
"It's not like they're picky about what THEY eat," Jack added, "Right Evy."
Evy cocked her head in confusion. "You want me to eat, and I like insects."
"Can we change the subjects. How about some nice cup of tea please ("If it not poisonous I hope", Bunny thought bitterly.)
Eagerly Evy poured plain, classic and very safe Earl-Grey tea in each guest cup, but when it was her cups turn she took the rum-bottle and what Bunny saw as she poured was a string of bright, golden liquid coming down into the cup.
"What a minute, is that-"
"Dreamsand," Evy said as she put down the bottle, taking the cup and took a sip from it.
Bunnys furry face paled, then taking a hard grip on Jack sweater. "Excuse me Evy, I need to talk with your brother for a minute," and dragged out Jack behind him out from the room.
In the corridor Bunny smashed Jack into the wall, almost hurting him.
"First maggots and candy, now you're letting her have dream sand. Are you mad?" He hissed through his teeth at him.
"She doesn't need to eat tons of it," Jack growled and removed Bunny's paw from him and lowered his voice so only Bunny could hear. "Just some small amount she won't be so cranky. When she doesn't get her candy, she almost smash the windows and-."
Bunny cut him off, slamming a fist down on the wall beside Jack's head.
"If you just give her the small finger, she will take the whole hand. You should know that Jack. You`re her brother. She has half of your "frost" in her."
"And what would you choose me to eat?" Evy suddenly spoke back with a sour pout on her face, standing in the doorway with a grey-brown cat made by soft fabric in her hands,. "Candy, worms or Dreamsand?"
"Candy, then you will get a teeth ache, and that would suit you fine."
Evy`s sour face turned over Bunny`s words and she started to giggle. "You're funny Hunney Bunny. You're always so grumpy, like my little cat." She pointed at a small toy cat that had a very displeased look on his mouth, "That`s why I like you."
"Cute." Bunny muttered.
"Now, come in and sit your grey, furry butt down on the chair again," she pointed imperiously at Bunny, "The Tea-party isn't over yet."
Much to her persistence, Bunny shook his head and walked in.
"Fifteen minutes," Bunny grunted to Jack as they sat down at the table.
Evy`s lips curled up at the corners, "But you wish to eat something, right? Isn't worms, candy and dreamsand enough?"
Bunny grunted again; he looked about as thrilled as a wet kitten.
"I don't know which one is worse."
"Carrots perhaps?" Jack altered his smirk into a bright, innocent smile and picked up the teapot to offer another refill to Bunny.
"Is there anything on this table that at least has no wriggling worms or sand in it?"
Evy offered him a plate of cookies which looked good, not creepy and innocent enough.
Hesitantly Bunny took a small bite, but made a small grimace and placed the cookie down.
"H-h-how much sugar did you really put in these cookies?"
"It wasn't that much, I mean... The recipe only called for a cup and that didn't seem like it would make it sweet enough so I, you know, improvised, and Pitch helped a little bit."
Jack choked on the hot tea he had raised to his lips, spluttering, as he stared at Evy before him.
"What?!" Both Bunny and Jack shouted and stared at her. "When did you meet him?"
"He was passing by when I was preparing the ingredients. He said that extra sugar would give the cake an extra touch."
"He certainly gave it an extra touch," Bunny snorts and rolls his eyes before he took up his boomerang and pointed directly at Evy, "How many times has he been here, under North's own roof and you unguarded?"
"Just a couple of times."
"Has he given you any nightmares or anything recently?"
"Not really. The ponies are cute, but they are hard to ride."
"Is he planning something?"
"Yep, and he definitely showed what the grownups are doing when they are not sleeping." The last sentence she dragged out her words dramatically and then lowered her voice. "I know what Pitch doesn't want you to know."
Two pairs of wide-eyed eyes, almost ready to pop out from their heads, landed on her as she shrugged nonchalantly, trying to project every bit of reassurance she could.
Bunny clenched his paws, trying to keep his cool, but it was hard when he was ready to run out and throw his boomerang right at Pitch face and break his ugly, hooked nose once and for all. Instead he lowered his voice. Composed he spoke steadily and slowly to Evy.
"Alright little miss highness-princess-pirate. When and how did you meet Pitch?"
"Oh it was just merely a accident. It happened just after when I gave that poor man his funeral." Evy shrugged, having her eyes down as she took another sip from her tea.
"Man? Funeral?" Bunny looked at Jack through narrowed eyes. "Is there something you forgot to tell me Frostbite?"
A grin, almost wide enough to split her face and her eyes gleaming with amber, Evy raised quickly her head up and moved her small body closer to Bunny..
"This is another story. Beside I didn't know he would end in Pitchs big cave instead of Hell, but let me tell you how what happened afterwards."
And then Evy began her sweet little tale as she munched a piece of the "carrot cake" about her encounter with the Boogey-man.
Evy Hallow Chapter 9
Great Thanks for YGP for helping me with the grammars, spellings and the tenses. Thank you! :-)

Reviews please.
Evy Hallow chapter Eight

North laughed. "Believe me, that was only tip of the iceberg."

"That's nice? Can we talk about something a bit less morbid?" Bunny said as he bended over the camp-fire and started prodding it with a stick. "Perhaps about the rather dull weather we've been having lately?"

"Oh Bunny!" Jack shakes his head. "You're not seriously freaked out by North's story, are you?"

"NO! Just that she had the courage and insanity to bring home such a thing."

"It's odd isn't?" North supplies with a faint smirk. "Tell me about it. When I picked up that severed, foot I almost literary fainted and she asked me if she could keep it."

Then he tossed a marshmallow at Bunny who caught it, still gaping at North like he could not quite believe what he just heard.

"You can't be serious. What kind of guardian are you?"

"Of course I forbad it. I couldn't have Frankenstein's doctor be in my workshop, playing with all kind of gross things in her hands and accidentally placed them in one of the Christmas presents."

"Oh my god. I knew she was a one hell of a Duracell Rabbit that time, but I never imaged-" Bunny groaned, opened his mouth and tossed the marshmallow inside to lessen his anxiety.

"That's one of the reason North`s got the elves Bunny." Jack said smirking. "They got a better stomach than the Yetis. Phil wasn't very happy when Evy once showed him the big, itchy spider she had found in the Amazons."

North chuckled back, stroking his beard as he continued. "She was a very curious child, wild, greedy and energetic."

"A mini-Jack," Bunny said as he rolled his eyes. "And unfortunately it got worse when she got older, especially her appetite."

"Her appetite?" Jaime wondered.

North made a small shrug. "Although she ate, she never had a huge appetite. She loved cookies and sweets but, found most foods unappetizing. Unfortunately her other love consisted mostly of-"

Suddenly a familiar high pitched chirp caught their attention and Baby Tooth appeared, flew over and placed herself on Tooth's shoulder, chitterling, buzzing, carrying on as she explained something to her.

"What- she did? Oh my," Tooth gasped and put her hands over her mouth.


"Baby Tooth says…she was one of her favorites."

"Best friend?" Jaime wondered.

Jack shuffled awkwardly "Not exactly Jaime."

Back in the North Pole.

"Come on Evy, you need to eat your porridge," North said, getting a little bit annoyed as he tried to read the latest report of the toy production at the table beside a sulking Evy. "Let's try to actually eat this today, not just play with it."

"Porridge is yucky!" Evy pouted and put the bowl of porridge far away from her.

"You need to eat something instead of sweets. I don't want any more grouching from Tooth again when she makes her checkups."

"There's nothing wrong with my teeth!"

"Tooth`s orders Sweetie, " He said and pointed at Baby-tooth who was watching the whole scenery from on top of his head and chirped agitatedly. Tooth had ordered her to watch over Evy (and North) to keep an eye that Evy was eating properly and North was feeding her right.

"I don't like it!" Evy said rudely and used her spoon to splash the porridge, getting the substance splashed over the table and over North's papers.

"Bah!" North said, waving his hand as to dismiss her comment and to wipe away the sticky substance on the report while Baby-Tooth was chirped back over her rudeness. "You need eat more, you're too skinny for your age. Porridge is good. It will give you big muscles like mine."

Evy`s tiny face crumpled and a loud wail filled the kitchen.

For the tenth time of the day, North made a big sigh. The Yetis and he had systematically gone through the pantry and Evy had declared she didn't like anything, except sweets and candy.

Oh, he so remembered and regretted the day when he'd first introduced Evy to the wonders of chocolate. The amount of chocolate Evy had consumed after the first time was nothing short of surreal, and just as North had started to think it was impossible for little girls to ever eat such amount.

And the older Evy got, the more work it was to keep her away from cookies, especially his cookies. Once she managed to hide in the sledge behind the big sack while he was traveling around the world to give the children their presents and somehow, quicker than a vessel, she had snatched and eaten almost all the cookies from the plates the children had placed for him. He discovered her little thievery when they crossed the Himalayas with its rocky mountains and she became sick of the thin air and the amount of cookies. In the end he went home with a empty sack and a sick green faced child with a empty stomach.

"I'm hungry!" She pointed a small finger at the cookie jar. "I want a cookie!"

"If you're still hungry, you can eat an apple."

Evy started to bang on the table with her hands. "I WANT COOKIE!"

"I won't have a sugar high kid rushing around the workshop during our deadlines. It's hard enough with the elves."

Evy stuck her tongue out.

"And do not give me that face young lady." Sticking his tongue out back at her in reply, he rose up form the table and made his way out from the kitchen.. "If I don't see the bowl empty when I come back, you don't deserve a new dress for your doll."

But before he walked out, he turned around and grabbed the large cookie jar from the counter.

"One day, your brother will have to do this, " North mumbled. "Baby Tooth, you watch over her. Make her eat her porridge and be a good girl."

Baby-Tooth chirped in agreement and left North`s white head, flew and placed her tiny feet on the table in front of Evy.

"If you see her throwing it in the garbage bag, give her a small pinch. A small one, understood."

Baby-Tooth chirped back a "yes" while Evy promptly stuck out her lower lip in a pout, scrunching her nose as she eyed at the bowl.

The very thought of taking another spoonful made the Evy inwardly gag and her stomach twisting at the thought of it.

She grabbed a spoonful to give it to the elves who were in the kitchen too, but every one of them backed away, seeming not to be fans of porridge either. Then Evy turned her eyes towards Baby Tooth and extended her spoon to her. "Want some?" To reach better, she stood up on her chair and leaned against the table for support.

Crossing her tiny arms, Baby Tooth shook her head and made a small chirp back, meaning "no".

Sticking her lower lip more out, her eyes turned into a pair of innocent golden ambers, Evy smiled sweetly to her, "Please. Just help me a little. If you take one bite, I will take the next one. A big one, I promise,"

Baby Tooth sighed; she didn't want a scene with tears, screams or glaring so she decided to just take a tiny sip. After all, her sip would be almost nothing comparing to Evy`s.

But just as Baby Tooth had her lips on the edge of the spoon, Evy grabbed a hold at her, gripping the tiny body before she can fly off and pulled her into her mouth.

She wasn't chewing her, thank God, mostly just sucking and trying out how she tasted and little Baby-Tooth was hitting as hard as she could with her small feet on Evys jaw to get out.

"Sorry, I forgot something-what are you doing?" North wondered when he appeared into the kitchen and the motion caught his attention. Realization sunk in (thank God) very quickly into his head.

"Spit her out!" He shouted, moved towards, and grabbed Babys-Tooth`s small feet that was hanging to pull her out.

With a slight growl, Evy spitted Tooth out into his hand. Wet saliva was all over her, Baby Tooth made high pitch noises at her.

"Yuck! Too sticky! Evy made a face and plucked out a small feather from her mouth. "When did you last take a bath?"


Present in Jaimes Backyard.

North shot Tooth an apologetic look."I'm so sorry Tooth! I was working hard during that time and keeping an eye that she wasn't biting the elves arms off or eat poor Baby Tooth was not easy. Be happy that it only happened once and she didn't like the taste of- OUCH!"

Baby-Tooth had given North a hard peck on his big nose while Tooth crossed her arms, her wings beating angrily over North`s head. "You had it coming. How could you leave her alone like that?"


Again Baby Tooth gave him another hard peck. "Ouch," North moaned as he rubbed his nose. "Sorry Baby."

"Like daughter, like grandfather," Bunny muttered. "Sometimes I wonder if your mind is just filled with toys and trains, North?"

"She was only a child. She had no idea between right and wrong back then. Things that are okay to do and things that are not."

"Still she hasn't learned, you know that," Bunny replied. "I wouldn't let the little troublemaker out of my sight one single second."

"I did have 24/7 guard on her you know." North smiled easily while he poured a cup of hot chocolate for himself from a jug.

"Yeah by the help of the elves and the perfect big brother over there," Bunny said and pointed at Jack.

"Oh thank you Bunny," Jack sarcastically commented.

"Porridge is yucky." Caleb said and wrinkled his nose. "Taste like you're eating paste and rubber together."

"Agree with that Caleb," Jack said and made a small grimace. "And that girl surely has a big sweet tooth. If Evy had her choice of breakfast, lunch, dinner, we would have eaten cookies, fruitcakes and candy canes every day."

"I wouldn't complain, but our dear sweet Tooth had other ideas," North muttered.

Back in the North Pole.

That evening at the pole, Jack, North and Tooth were sitting in North's study.

"I should have known better than to take my eyes off of her," North sighed.

"And why not?" Jack shrugged. "She's eating something, isn't she?"

"She's eating only sugar, that's it?" Tooth insisted. "I want her to eat good and healthy things and not cookies, candy or my fairies."

"Evy doesn't like anything; porridge, meat, chicken, vegetables, fruits. I tried everything," North said, holding his hands up to display his frustration. "I have systematically went through the whole pantry and all I ever got was "No, Bleh, No, Yuck, No and Gross. Nothing suits her except sweets. She's even eating even more than I do."

"She likes to eat jams, that has at least some fruit in it. Don't forget snow," Jack added.

"She only ate snow when she was a baby Jack. Unless it's flavored or-" North picked up a small ice, headless statue of a soldier and gazed at it sadly. He'd just started to work with the details on it when Evy discovered it took a nice bite out of it. "Designed."

"She's going to make herself sick." Tooth said as her face starting to look worried. "She is just a child."

"Evy doesn't fall into that category to get sick," Jack replied as he stood up to grab a cookie one of the elves was serving from a plate and looked at his friends. "I don't even know if Evy even needs to eat."

"Perhaps," North shrugged. He had looked through his library, searching for anything that might help. Books, papers and scrolls detailing about immortal children, but none so young and tiny as Evy. He got books on human society, but none which speak of how to care for infants without a mother who is the dominating factor in a child's life. North wasn't sure if the books could ensure that human food given to a child that's fifty percent nightmare had the same results given to a human baby, last thing North wanted was to accidentally poison Evy, but it is possible that an spirit child wouldn't need any food? Evy is only a child. Certainly she should grow and didn't children need sustenance to grow?

Tooth huffed and removed cookie from Jack`s hand. "Whether she will be sick or not she needs to be disciplined and we have to be firm on this," She said. "North, from now on you need to stop eating cookies or bribing her with sweets."


"You heard me, she needs a role model to follow and eating cookies and cakes in front of her is not a good example."

"Please spare me!" North begged, grasping his big hands, pleading for her mercy.

"No buts, if you want Evy to learn proper manners, you must learn how to behave like a gentleman."

"I was never born as a gentleman, I'm a Cossack."

"Doesn't matter, she lives here and she looks up to you and that's goes for you Jack!"

"Who, me?" Jack pointed at himself.

"Yes you. Try to teach her some manners and think of others."

North obviously wanted to protest, but Tooth's stern look stopped it. Instead he moaned and rubbed his big hands down the length of his face. "Fine. I will do it. No more cookies in the work shop. "

Suddenly Evy scuttled from the kitchen, her hands full of cookies and candy canes, with an expression mixed between satisfaction at obtaining her snack and then anger at being caught written on her pale face as she saw her guardians looking at her.

"Evy!" Tooth shouted angrily, but Evy had already disappeared from the room with her stolen treasures, with Tooth chasing after her.

"This should be piece of cake," Jack mumbled.


"Did it beacme a piece of cake?" Jaime chuckled at the guardians, his friends joining him.

"Not really. When she heard these new rules, she complete went turmoil," North said and made a big sigh. "And the other thing was that we discovered something else she liked to eat."

Back in the North Pole again

Later, Evy was tucked into bed. North was sitting beside her looking down at her crossed arms and sour little face. Ever seens the no cookies-candy- canes-chocolate diet, North and the elves had to do a house cleaning of her entire room in search for any hidden candy, Evy had been sulking for almost five days and for Evy, sulking meant stomping around the workshop and giving North and the others the silent treatment and plenty of glares.

And North wasn't any good mood either.

"What shall we do with you little troublemaker?" he grumbled.

"Give me a cookie," Evy said stubbornly.

North sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "No, no more cookies. Eating birds and sweets is not a healthy diet. You should have thought about that before I grounded you."

"Just wanted to see if she tasted good, but the feathers tickled."

"You don't eat living things! Things especially fairies and for now we both are on a diet."

"No cookies for you either?"

In response, Norths stomach made a small rumble and Evy couldn't help but giggle a little.

North placed a plate with a small sandwich on the night table. "I brought a sandwich for you in case you change your mind. You almost haven't eaten in two days."

"Is there jam on it?"

"I'm afraid not."

"Then no."

He looked sternly at her. "You must eat something Evy."

It was true she didn't really eat today. Being watched by the Yetis, Baby Tooth, and some of her sisters, Evy had only ate half an apple for breakfast and a lot of water, salad for dinner, and that's all. The Yetis had made some kind of fish dish, but the strange smell had made Evy run away and North's face go green when they served it.

Evy furrowed her eyebrow, and turned her head slightly to the window, briefly glancing into the night.

"Do you want a bedtime story?"

"I'm tired, don't want to hear a story tonight!" she said, still looking at the window and made a large yawn to show him how tired she was.

North flashed her a critical look. "This early? it's not like you?"

"But I am. I'm tired being hungry all the time."

Another sigh passed through North's lips and he nodded "Well, good night then, Evy." North said, looking down at his little girl, before tucking the small child in. "You got a plate here with a delicious sandwich if you change your mind."


"Christmas is just around corner and I can't have you running around distracting yetis from their tasks." he said sternly as he waged a finger. "So behave or the naughty list. I am watching."

Before turning out the light, North shot a glance out the window. Outside there was nothing but snow for as far as the eye could see and the white of the snow reflected the moonbeams from the moon that was full and bright tonight.

"Six years old? Where has the time gone?" North thought, "And probably six more years until she can learn to cook for herself."

Later, Evy was kneeling in front of the small window. H her hands pressed on the cold glass as her nose and mouth blew warmth breath over it, as she looked out over the white frozen landscape.

She had lied to grandfather; she wasn't tired at all, only hungry, bored and very, very sour.

With a smile on her lips she rose up to her knees, nudged the window open, and jumped out. Careful and gracefully, she began to walk over the roofs with easy steps. Santa Claus`s workshop roofs was rounded and covered with ice so Evy had to take slow and careful steps so she wouldn't slip, slide down and fall over the edge and down into the deep cliff that was lying just under the workshop.

The distance to the ground was dizzying, but it was as exciting as it was a little bit scary when Evy, barefooted and with only her nightgown on, walked to the other side of the workshop, where the kitchen windows were placed.

But when she reached her destination, she saw from one of the windows that North was already in the kitchen. With his is red/white striped pajamas, sitting at the kitchen table over a jar of cookies, eating them with a big satisfaction on his lips as his teeth chewed on the sweet flavor from them.

Unable to resist temptation Evy`s little head began to form plan as she watched the jolly and big grandfather having his time of his life.

Slumping back on the chair, North thought if he hadn`t had his midnight snacks he would literary kill for a cookie. It had been a hard week for Evy and him, especially him for not taking only a single bite or even lick of a cookie or a candy cane. Of course North wanted to be a good role model for Evy, he just wished Tooth could have picked Bunny. Considering he only ate vegetables and carrots for dessert, he could have persuaded Evy better to eat a carrot or two than him.

Halfway to his mouth, the cookie was suddenly snatched from his fingers by a tiny hand out of nowhere so North took a bite on his own fingers instead. It took some time for him to process what just happened. Did his mind play tricks on him, or he just eating so fast that he didn't notice?

The small shadow stood motionless in one of the dark corners of the kitchen, silent and waiting for the next action to occur.

North shrugged, thinking it must be his imagination, but before he picked up another cookie and raised it up to his lips, it happened again.

Was he going made? The lack of sweet was starting to make his mind going cuckoo, and to make it worse he suddenly felt one of the legs on the chair cracking and before he could register what was happening, the leg cracked and then the chair totally broke down under him and he fell backwards. He tried and failed to grab the table for support and fell with his feet up a almighty crash down on to the floor. Looking up to the ceiling, lost and confused, North found great trouble to believing what just happened.

"Maybe I should drop a few pounds after all," he mumbled to himself.

Outside, Evy giggled as she began walking along the rooftop towards her window, holding one stolen cookie in her hand while the other was in her hungry mouth. "That will teach him a lesson having a midnight snack. If I can`t have any cookies, nor will he."

She smirked, but suddenly she saw a couple of the strings glowing in the sky. Fascinated, she saw the strings fly down and moved inside in some of the small houses where the Yetis were living on the other side of the cliff.

With great curiosity, she leapt to another roof and then slid down from it, landed on the small bridge that lead to the village, and ran towards it.

It took her a while, but she finally found a window that was slightly open and pushed against the glass until she managed to slip inside.

Two small Yeti children were sleeping nice and very soundly in their beds. Dream sand flowed above over their heads, showing their dreams; Two Yeti kids making a snowman, and the another riding a golden reindeer around the room.

Placing herself on the other edge of the bed, Evy looked curiously at their dreams. This was the first time she ever seen dreams like this. She knew what the dreams were and where it came from, but she never seen it like this until now. North had always put her to bed very early and Jack and she always traveled in daylight, and the only times she ever saw one was when Sandy came to visit or she woke just in time to catch one of her own dreams by its tail.

A sudden movement from under the bed caught her attention and she looked down. The edge of the blanket was moving slightly, like there was a wind blowing under the bed.

Looking out to the window, she stared at other strings of dream sand coming towards the village. They were long and seemed to be endless when she couldn't see the other edge of it. She knew it was coming from Sandy, but where was his golden cloud?

There was a feeling in her heart and mind, whispering in her ear while she watches the bright golden sand that she needed to find him.

Walking out through the window, she grabbed one of the thin streams of sand, slipped out onto the wind and started to climb or rather flow back up to the source. She was still not a good flyer so it was a long journey, but her efforts were paying off when she saw her target at the horizon.

As she was climbing nearer and nearer, dream sand spiraled out in hundreds of different directions; some of them were shaped like dolphins, unicorns, butterflies, birds, toys, moving along the golden threads seeking out sleepers to give them good dreams and when she finally was up, she jumped down into the soft and golden cloud.

In the center of it, on a bed piled high with soft pillows, laid Sandman, fast asleep and dreaming. Moving slowly forward, Evy placed her hand to his golden forehead; his hair was very soft and warm so she couldn't help gut to take a sniff of it.

He smelled really good.

Whilst ridding her fingers over his the golden locks, Evy sang softly, just under her breath,

Then she sat beside him and watched as the sand danced around them with wide, fascinated eyes, then she grabbed one of the threads, opened her mouth and started to suck it.

Gurgling spit came of her mouth until her chin was shiny with saliva but she didn't care. As she leaned back on one of the soft pillows she enjoyed every piece of sand that moved down into her tiny, hungry stomach.

Sandy woke up to the sound of her sucking and the air of changing dreams. "What the-?" He thought, before he looked down at Evy`s small form, laying on the cloud with her eyes closed, sucking a string of dream sand. Her face and hair was covered with glittering sand like she was a bumblebee high with pollen, but around the sand had turned into a dark-blue color, long, twisted spirals with combination of dark-blue and gold like in a candy cane was swirling over them.

Pouting his mouth, Sandy putted his hands on his hips. This scene in front of him was both gross and disturbingly adorable at the same time, but this needed to stop so he quickly moved over to Evy, hauled her up, and pulled the thread away from her drooling mouth. It created a small plop when the thread removed from Evy`s lips and she immediately awoke and exclaimed, making grabby hands from where she sat, trying to grab the golden thread again. When Sandy refused her to eat any more of his delicious sand, she began to wail.

Sandy remained unaffected, his sand forming a series of images above his head.

"You should be asleep."

"But I`m huuunnngggrrryyy!" Evy wailed. "Why can't I eat the sand? You've got plenty of it," she shouted but Sandy just shook his head together with a golden sign said "no" and was rewarded with even more glaring and wailing.

"Do you want be to starve? Is that what you want!? Fine, then it`s your fault if I end up like a skeleton in my bed. Only bones and hair left and nothing more."

Sandy rolled his eyes and created more signs, a sandwich, a cup of milk, and bowl of warm soup.

"I can`st eat that, it's disgusting."

Sandy frowned and then he lowers himself until he at eye-level with Evy.

He created more images, a sausage, carrots, grilled chicken, but Evy continued to shake her head saying "No, no, no and no."

Then he formed the sand into a small pony. He held the pony out to Evy. She gave a big smile at the little present. "Preeetttyyy" she said, but Sandy pulled the sand back quickly when Evy`s teeth chomped it closed with a snap.

He shook his head and with his small finger moving "No, no, no" After he made clear that it wasn't a snack Evy got to hold the horse in her little hands and just as it was placed in her palms it, started to change, but it seemed the sand didn't know what color it would turn into. Then the little horse changed into a tiny grey moth. The moth was grey, but the antennas were golden and its back was covered in golden stripes and the wings was also covered in gold, but the moth quickly melted away and the sand ran between her fingers as Sandy called it back.

Conjuring a small bit of dream sand, he blew it right in Evy`s face before she realized what happened. Closing her eyes beacuse of the sand Evy fell forward and slumped against Sandy, golden and black moths started to flutter in circles over her head.

Smiling tenderly at this sight, Sandy carefully lifted Evy up into a small bed of golden sand and then with a small turn, they headed back to the North Pole.
Evy Hallow chapter eight

Sorry for the long wait. My school and private life needs to come first but I will try to update more chapters during this month. I want to give you all something to look forward to read before christmas and new year.

Great thanks to YGP for helping me with my grammar, tenses and flow. Thank you 3

Evy Hallow chapter eight

My name is eitherangel/Veronica, born and living in Sweden with a great passion in drawing and writing. 

As you can see in my gallery, there are many different styles and quality in my work. Everything is inspired by Classic, Fantasy, Gothic and Modern Art. 

   As a Founder to the group :iconfrankenstein-club: , I prefer to blog there about the latest news, contests and discussions in the relation to the novel "Frankenstein".

You`re warmly welcome to visit this Group anytime!

Any questions about me or my art you`re very welcome to send me a note or a message.

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